About ARK Supply Escrow


ARK Survival Evolved is a cut throat game (And that is why we love it so much) but when dealing with your hard earned money you don't want to get cheated if it can be avoided. This is where ARK Supply can help.

Escrow is a way that both the supplier and the receiver can be assured that they will get their end of the deal.

The receiver sends the funds for the goods to ARK Supply, and we hold it until the supplier fulfills their promise and the receiver gets what they purchased.

The supplier can also be assured that the receiver won't default on the payment as it has already been given to Ark Supply who will forward on the payment on completion of the deal.


If there is a dispute ARK Supply can mediate and return the funds to the receiver (For example if the supplier never shows up with the items) or in a case where the receiver has been dishonest (Such as ambushing the supplier when they arrive on the receivers server) the funds can be sent onto the supplier.

It is recommended that when making a transaction on ARK servers that you use in game footage capturing to record the transaction. This footage can be reviewed by ARK Supply to decide what should happen with the funds)

Videos should only be as long as they need to be (1-2 minutes, not all 2 hours of your previous gameplay)

ARK Supply will


For this service ARK Supply asks a donation from the receiver.

Typically about 5% of the sale price.


In the case of disputes ARK Supply will make its best effort make a fair decision and will favor in return of the receivers funds unless the supplier can prove that the receiver was dishonest (This is where that game footage comes in handy).


All conduct on ARK Supply requires that its users conduct themselves in good faith and apply common sense to all transactions. ARK Supply Escrow is a service that relies on donations and will not take any liability for users actions.

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